Author Topic: Help needed from the Kajukenbo Ohana "Worldwide" for Sijo's Services  (Read 2851 times)

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Aloha everyone,
I have been asked to pass on this information to all of you from Sigung Aiau (Henry) Koa, Sigung Kailani Koa, and Sijo's Daughters, Sonny Leeann Emperado and Veronica.
As you all know Sigung Kai and Sigung Aiau and Sijo's daughter Veronica, have been taking care of Sijo for the past few years as he has been in Maui.  We all, are blessed that they have been there at the home where Sijo has been everyday checking on his well being and tending to his everyday needs.  All of this for the love of Sijo.  They have not received a penny for their efforts and have never complained nor not been there for him whenever he needed someone by his side.
Sigung Kailani has graciously taken on the responsibility of making all arrangements for Sijo's Memorial service on Maui.
She needs all of our help to cover the expense of this service.
Any and all extra funds left over from the Maui service will roll over to the Oahu service. Kai and Aiau will not keep a penny!  I trust them with my life and am proud to call them family.  I am going to give you the information I have about the Maui service and where to "PLEASE" send your donations that will, again roll over any extra to Oahu.
Maui Service:  5-23-2009   Family 9-10am, Public 10-12noon, service - 12 noon - 1:30pm.

More information will follow.  We are working to get a group discount a Maui Beach Hotel, Kahului.

Please send checks to:  Henry Koa (Aiau)
                                 799 Hue Pl.
                                 Kahului, Maui, 96732

If there will be a bank or any way to do electronic transfer, we will let you all know.

Thanx and God Bless you for your support, in advance.....

GM Gary Forbach
Gary Forbach, 9th Degree Original Method Kajukenbo under GM Aleju Reyes and Sijo A.D. Emperado


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I sent a $100.00 donation to Maui after a few calls saying they were in need.......I think if a few of the other Professors and Singungs do the same it should be good..;).

I am in Thailand and should be back in the USA in a few weeks.....I will be having a nice life party for Sijo when i get home.....God Bless

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