Author Topic: Lay out for Sijo's funeral Expense  (Read 2088 times)

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Lay out for Sijo's funeral Expense
« on: April 23, 2009, 04:35:43 PM »
Aloha Kajukenbo Ohana,

I have been getting so many, many phone calls and e-mail about where to send the donation and why is it this much and that much
I am able to lay it down for everyone so everyone I hope will be on the right page as us in Maui ( SiGung Aiau, myself, veronica).
The final expense is $13,687.58 (the celebration food not included) and now that was a family discount to because my Aunty Cheryl works there and said she would give us a discount.  My brother Aiau & veronica has to sign a check for the full amount
of $13,687.58 then $2,732,98 out of that will be send to Oahu for Sijo's expense there.  Thats why it was said to send it to Maui because
we have to pay the whole total amount. Where ever you want to send your donation is up to you but Maui is where we have to pay for eveything first.
Maui's cost was much more because eveything was made in Maui.  We would like to Thank everyone who is making a donation towards Sijo's funeral expense and I am sure he is
thanking all of you who has helped him to put him in his final rest.

With Much Mahalo's & Respectfully,
SiGung Kailani Koa
SiGung Kailani Koa