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Tribull received letter from Ottawa, IL


Hi all,

This weekend, Tribull received a handwritten (!) letter from an amateur boxer out of Peru, IL. He saw Fight Quest several times and is writing representing a group of seven adult males looking for a Kajukenbo dojo recommendation for Central IL.

The only school listed on this forum appears to be about 100 miles away from his location and the link for that school appears to be outdated. I have contacted Professor Sprague offline to get updated information, if it is available.

Can anyone let me know if there are any other schools near Peru, IL, to which I can refer this group?

Thanks in advance,

Jackie Uribe

Ghost Rider:
there was a school in Dekalb Il about 62 miles away.

There is also a Kajukenbo school in Yorkville under Professor Andy Torok. The head instructor is Sigung Tim Rockford and you can contact him by email: tim@empower-usa.com. hope this also helps

Thank you GM Bautista! I did find the reference to Prof. Torok at: http://www.kajukenbo.org/schools/

And then verified on the web that he was still teaching. I used this method to send a written letter back referring the writer's group to three schools relatively close to him. We haven't heard back yet.

Thanks again,



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