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Schools or Teachers in Chicago or Northern Indiana


Kelly McGee:
Looking for Kajukenbo schools or teachers in Chicago area or northern Indiana for my brother.

Justin D. Earhart:
Did you find anyone? I am trapped in Michigan...a Kaju dead zone...

Kelly McGee:
The closet one that I found so far is in DeKalb, IL.  You can find information here: http://www.kajukenbo.org/schools/school.php?schoolid=0265.

I also found one in Lorain, OH at one time (see this post - http://kajukenbo.com/cafe/index.php?topic=4830.0).

I do not know of any them personally, but I am sure they would be happy to talk with you and they may know of some other school(s) closer to you.  Good luck.


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