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Re:Chi-Kung Exercises
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Chi-Kung Exercise: "Crane"

01.   Stand in a "Right Cat Stance" facing to the 12:00 direction.
02.   Hands are held up by the shoulders in a "Pea-chicken Block" configuration with the left hand pointing toward 10:00 and the right hand to 2:00 and the elbow close to the mid ribs.
03.   Raise the hands straight over head, open them so the fingers point to the sky in an "I surrender" salute.  
04.   Bend over at the waist toward the 12:00 mark like you were diving over a barrel. The back and arms must be curved to prevent back injury. Breathe in through the nose as you bend over and dive down.
05.   When the hands almost touch the floor and the breath is full, start shaking and waving the hands as if to wave good bye very fast.
06.   Stand up straight following the curve you traveled bending over while breathing out through the mouth while still waving the hands.
07.   The hips tuck in under the waist line and the upper body is leaning back further than at the beginning of this exercise while still in a "Right Cat Stance".
08.   When the breath is almost 80% gone and the hands are held high over head, and still waving, suddenly drop the hands and arms into the beginning Crane posture and expel all the rest of the air.
09.   This should take you back to the original starting position.
10.   Repeat this motion slowly ten times with the right foot forward and ten times with the left foot forward.

***This exercise is part of the "Wild Goose Chi-Kung" series.  This exercise will give you a lot of energy.  This exercise must be done correctly as this is a little tough on the back.  
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Re:Chi-Kung Exercises
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The six healing sounds of qigong  by Sifu Frank Wohler
                          In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and specifically the Taoist traditions, along with other holistic practices, believe that our internal organs (lungs, kidneys etc.) are linked to our emotions (sadness, fear etc.). Its hard to say that anger causes liver problems or liver problems cause anger, but that is probably in individual case. Just contemplate this for a moment. Our organs, according to TCM also correspond to the seasons, elements (earth, fire etc.), taste and color. By doing these exercises, I believe one can balance the "system" and stay fairly healthy. Remember, what I'm giving you here is simplified and without hands-on, but its a start. I will focus on the first two postures and sounds this month. Preparation: Make sure the room is comfortable and without a draft. Sit on a chair on your "sit-bones", feet flat on the ground. Relax The first organ (pair) are the lungs. The season associated with the lungs is Autumn. The element: metal. Emotion: sadness Color: white. Taste: pungent. Associated organ: Large intestine. Now put your hands, palms up on your thigh, breath in and out calmly. As you breathe in, raise your hands in an upward arch, palms up so they face the ceiling. Leave a few inches between your hands, look between them make a really wide smile, teeth together and subvocally say SSSSSSSS, until almost all breath is out. In a relaxed mode, bring your hands back to your thighs, relax and smile. Now do this two more times. Always do these exercises three times, or in multiples (3-6-9..up to 36). The second organ (pair) are the kidneys. If you don't have time to do all six exercises, the lungs and kidneys should be done. The season: winter. Element: water. Color: black. Emotion: fear. Taste: salty. Associated organ: bladder. Again. sit on a chair. Keeping your knees together, reach forward and clasp your knees, then pull a bit back and up, opening you kidney area. You may feel a stretching on your lower back in the kidney area. Now round your lips and say WHOOOOOO, like blowing out a candle. Now relax, bring your hands back to your thighs and breathe. Do this two more times (or more..). Remember, when doing the sounds, your vocal cords do not vibrate.Next month, the liver and heart.  Enjoy!
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Brian Bruce Baxter. 8th Degree Black Belt Kajukenbo (Gaylord Method).  3rd Degree Black Belt Tracy's Kenpo Karate. 3rd Degree Black Belt Aikijitsu. 2nd Degree Black Belt Mu Duk Kwan.  22 years experience Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

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Re: Chi-Kung Exercises
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Qi Gung = yang?

I always thought that qi gung was the most yin exercise available. In comparison, tai qi is yang. On the opposite end of the continuum Kajukenbo is the ultimate yang art. This is at least my understanding of the arts; gi gung, tai qi, ba gua, xing yi and kajukenbo (listed in their order of yin to yang as I understand it). In fact, I try very diligently to do some sort of qi gung, tai qi, ba gua or xing yi to balance the kajukenbo in my life. Otherwise, I become too much a kajukenbo mentality, and I do not think that is good for society. ;D

In balance one finds harmony.
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Re: Chi-Kung Exercises
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Sigung Fetzer,

Yes meridian tapping is a good thing I have found.  Here is a basic link I found a while ago on this -

I am a firm believer in the maintenance of the body's energy system as it has been THEE thing to pull me out of my back, hip, and left leg issues over the years.  Western medicine just wasn't cutting it.  It wasn't until I found acupuncture, Qigong, and various energy healing modalities that I could really be pain free and compete with the young bucks at the KSDI and other tournaments and continue to train hard.  Our training can cause blockages and such so all this is very important as it relates to the longevity of our training.

Also there is something called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I have many friends who so energy work and some do the EFT stuff and it's good as well.  Everyone is different and may not react or benefit from the various modalities out there however there are some really great ones that have gotten incredible results with various friends and family. 

Lastly just wanted to point out the Rob Poelking created this wonderful site and Professor Bishop is an awesome moderator of this site.  My hats off to them both and the other moderators for sure.

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Re: Chi-Kung Exercises
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You are right on sifutimg about the two you mentioned.  They are excellent in their endeavors.  And the Eastern ways seem to have helped me over the years, with growing and using the energy within all of us, as we do have more sense than we give outselves credit for.

I don't think the people that do the work and don't really get credit for making KC work.

I keep saying this, but I believe it, keep KAJUKENBO STRONG AND UNITED.  And I don't care what affiliation you have, just keep our Art strong and healthy.

jim nordlie, a student of GGM Gaylord, since 1963.

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Re: Chi-Kung Exercises
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Is anyone familiar with the "Swimming Dragon" exercise? I was shown many years ago but have forgotten some of the exacts of it. I do remember it being very invigorating though. and isn't there a specific time of day it is supposed to be done or is that just "legend" ??
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