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Chi-Kung Exercise # 2  "Shooting Palms"

01.   Stand in a "Square Horse Riding Stance" with hands chambered at the hips palms facing up.
02.   Breathe in through the nose with the bottom of the tongue placed on the upper palate. Imagine inflating the back of the neck while sucking in the stomach.  
03.   On the exhale, drop the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and exhale out the mouth.  The breathing is done slowly. The stomach should be pushed out upon exhaling.
04.   Imagine that your head has a small rope attached to the top of the head and someone is pulling you up.  Imagine that you have a rope attached to your waist and some else is pulling you straight down.  This will lengthen and stretch out the back.
05.   Squat down until the lower leg and the upper leg is about 70 degrees to each other, and then rise back up to the original position.  This motion is like that of "Bouncing" up and down. As you are rising up, shift the weight to be slightly on the toes.  When squatting down concentrate on the heels of the feet.
06.   This exercise is similar to "Repulse the Monkey" movements in Tai Chi Chuan.
07.   Use the bounce motion to shoot the open hand finger strike directly to the front targeting the eye level of an imaginary Attacker.  Repeat the movement with the opposite hand.  This is like a double left then right punch to the front.
08.   As the left open hand finger jab strike is executed, twist the waist and the left shoulder toward the center. Retract the "Shooting Palm" back to the chamber position while shooting out the right hand twisting the waist and shoulder toward the center. The upper body and lower body are separated.  The knees should not move against the joint.  Flexibility is important in the waist to prevent knee injury.
09.   The bouncing drives the shooting hands to the front.  Continue the process.  This should be at a medium speed with one or two repetitions per second.

* This exercise is another wake up type exercise.  It is very important to remember to stretch out the back up and down as the motion of the exercise move the internal organs around a little bit.  Your floating ribs will gouge into the tissues on the inside if you do not stretch out the body.  This exercise is a heck of a leg exercise.  The calf and thigh muscles will begin to burn in short order.  This is a very good exercise for the internal organs.  All movements should be in a very relaxed state.  In this exercise the breath and the motion are not coordinated but independent.  


--- Quote from: Mitch Powell on December 04, 2003, 04:16:22 PM ---I am new to Tai Chi and would love some pointers.

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Just don't hold your breath :)

Chi-Kung Exercise # 3:  Dragon Searches for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea

01.   Stand up straight with feet together, eyes gaze out on to the horizon.
02.   Roll back both shoulders to the rear which starts and acts as the beginning of a hydraulic system driving the arms to move.
03.   As this movement is initiated, place the bottom of the tongue to the top of the palate and breathe in slowly through the nose.
04.   Continue the same breathing pattern as you lift both arms directly to the front in a manner as to offer someone a plate of food.
05.   When the hands and arms are to the solar plexus level, bend the knees and lean over forward in a manner like a rag doll, expelling all the air while waving the arms and hands in front of the feet.  This would be the "Dragon" searching for Pearls at the bottom of the Sea part of the exercise.
06.   When all of the air has been completely expelled to the point of creating a vacuum in the body, place the left palm on the top of the left knee and the right palm on the top of the right knee at the same time.
07.   Suck in the abdomen as if trying to touch the back bones with the skin of the abdomen.  Throw out the abdomen out and down as if dribbling a basket ball.  Do this procedure five times without taking in a breath.
08.   Roll back the shoulder while breathing in through the nose and stand back up right until you stand at attention.
09.   Exhale through the mouth while raising the hands and arms up to the solar plexus level in the "Monkey Offers Fruit" posture.
10.   From the hands and arms at the solar plexus level, breathe in through the nose and raise both arms and hand until they are directly overhead in an "I Surrender" posture while tilting the head back at a 45 degree angle to look up at the sky.
11.   Fold the hands into fists and bring the arm down so that the head and arms form a "Trident" position while sticking out the tongue and hissing out the breath.  Rise up the open hands overhead while breathing in through the nose.  Repeat this process three times.  This is when the "Dragon" could not find the Pearls and it pissed him off so that he rises up the head and blows out smoke and flames.
12.   On the fourth time you raise up the hands overhead, turn the palms out to face away from the body, exhale the breath and lower the arms and hands to be at the sides again and at the attention position.
13.   Repeat the process over and over again very slowly.

** This is one of the most "active" Chi-Kung exercises I know of.  This will really wake you up.  This is a morning type exercise, and perhaps mid day.  Usually this will take about ten minutes to do correctly.  Do this exercise twice daily and you will increase your energy dramatically.  This is a good exercise to prevent colds.

Chi-Kung Exercise:  Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

This is one of the exercises that is called "The Five Element" Exercise series.  These are exercises that affect certain organs and are very tranquil and passive type of exercises.  Each one is assigned an element and corresponding organ.  Fair Lady Works at the Shuttles is for the Heart and the element is "Fire".

01.   Stand in a "Sumo" type horse stance with the feet facing away from each other in a 10:00- 2:00 configuration.  
02.   Move the right foot inward to the 10:00 direction, shift the stance to a left broken forward stance facing to 10:00 while executing an open hand left upward block and a right palm strike to an imaginary opponents chest all while exhaling out through the mouth.
03.   Return to the original starting position while breathing in through the nose keep the hands to the Dan Tien cupped with the palms facing up.
04.   Repeat the process on the right side executing a right open hand upward block and a left palm strike.
05.   Continue this motion over and over again very slowly.  Exercise should be about five to ten minutes in duration.

Chi-Kung Exercise:  Pressing Palms

01.   Stand at attention arms at sides.
02.   Bring up the hands from the groin area to the solar plexus area palms facing up while breathing in through the nose and placing the bottom of the tongue on the roof of the mouth.  This is to connect the conception vessel meridian with the governor vessel meridian.  This will make the Chi flow in a small orbit cycle from the top of the head down the front back up to the top of the head up the back.
03.   Step off to the 10:00 direction with the left foot into a "Left Forward Stance" with both legs bent while simultaneously executing a double edge of the palm hand strikes to the 9:00 and 1:00 direction.  The strikes should be slow and match the exhale. Exhale by dropping the tongue back down to the normal position and breathing out through the mouth. The arms are bent at full extension.  There are no locked out joint movements in most of the Chi-Kung exercise, as this would stop the Chi flow.
04.   Return to standing attention stance and repeat the cycle on the opposite side.
05.   Repeat over and over again slowly for about ten minutes.

*** This is another passive Chi-Kung exercise.  This exercise will relax you yet give you energy.  This exercise is not as intense as some of the others.


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