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KSDI Liaison
« on: January 21, 2015, 05:16:04 PM »
Posted by the request of the KSDI World Wide Organization. We are looking forward to July and the 65th Anniversary Kajukenbo World Championships

KSDI Opportunity to assist “KSDI LIAISON”

The KSDI is soliciting volunteers to become an integral part of the organization. We are seeking regional Liaisons to help with communication, official correspondence, and become a regional point of contact of the KSDI. We are looking for delegates from all states and countries (some will be combined based on quantity of schools in the area, and some such as California will be divided). If you have an interest in helping the KSDI develop for the future and becoming a part of Sijo’s organization, here is your opportunity. Please send your bio and martial arts bio/resume to :


Supportive of Sijo’s legacy and the KSDI

Earned Black Belt in Kajukenbo 3rd to 7th degree (will consider others on case by case basis if a school owner)

Active member in good standing of the KSDI World Wide

Does not hold a position in any other Kajukenbo organization (may be a member)

Available for quarterly phone meetings and attendance at the annual KSDI tournament

Willing to communicate a positive message to and from the Kajukenbo community

Have a desire to make a difference

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