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2011 Kajukenbo Family Tree available for pre-order or reserve.


The 2011 edition of the Kajukenbo Family Tree is ready and will be at the printers Monday or Tuesday. There is time for a couple of last minute additions if submitted before Monday.

As before it measures 48" wide and 36" Vertically.

The price has been stable for the last few years and remains at $75.00 ($60 & $15 S&H.)

Ordering a copy is easy and there are a few options available to you.

You could send a check or money order to

Philip Gelinas
429 Mayor St
Montreal, Canada,


you could phone me at (514) 281-9928 and give me your credit card info over the phone.


You could email me and reserve a copy to be picked up at the KSDI event next Friday or Saturday. I will not be bringing a lot of extra copies with me so this is a preferred option.

My email is

Any orders received before Tuesday, July 5, will be shipped before I go to the KSDI gathering (July 8 & 9, 2011).

I am posting this as I have had  a lot of people requesting this  information.

I will be at the KSDI gathering in Union City (Bay Area) on July 8 & 9.

The price of the Tree will be $60. I should have some mailing tubes available too. They generally cost $5.

Hope to see some of you there.

Philip Gelinas



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