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Music or No Music for Tai Chi

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Our ancestors have used music for thousands of years to aid them in their spiritual journeys.

Yes I use Kenny G in the mainland and now I use Hawaiian music since I move to Hawaii. And I thank Sigung Tyrrell for introducing me taichi. I think it's awesome to have spirit, mind and body plus music. You guys should try it really bring out of what you are and what you can be.

Sigung Jay

Mark Dinkel:
I've done ba gua to the blues and ethnic genre like african drums and tai qi and qi gung to music designed specifically for them. I found if the music is familiar to me, it sometimes helps me and other times distracts me. If the music is unfamiliar to me, it more often than not prevents me from maintaining the internal connections and harmony except the music specifically designed for tai qi and qi gong. For any of the arts that I have studied (all internal arts and Kajukenbo) if the music is too loud or fast it can really prevent me from sinking into the places I need to go. The music specifically designed for tai qi and qi gung is often slower paced filled with mellow gongs and flutes and sounds of nature. This type of music when it works helps me to get down deep when I otherwise might not be able to because of all the other stuff going on in my mind. The music makes it so I do not have to spend an hour just to get into the right frame of mind. WIth the music, I can get into the necessary frame of mind usually within 15-20 minutes. However, if I am already relaxed and ready to train and I really want to get into myself and the forms, the more silent the better.

With respect to DMan's comments, yeah standing in a horse stance for an hour can be quite difficult mentally, but is that not part of the training. In my first Kajukenbo school, all classes started with at least 20-30 minute horse stances. As we progressed it became more like 45-60 minute horse stances. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted a television, book or some other mentally occupying media in front of me.

John Magee:

--- Quote from: kajugolfer on April 28, 2004, 06:50:18 PM ---Yes I use Kenny G in the mainland

--- End quote ---

Kenny G... *shudder*


I either listen to relaxing music or the sounds of nature.  It helps me to not try and force QI.  I once read a good analogy of Qi.  "Qi is like a shy girl.  The moment you see (feel) her (Qi), she quickly hides.  Then when you look for her (Qi) it cannot be found.  Once you stop looking she (Qi) will all of a sudden be felt again sneeking up on you."  I like music because it takes my mind off of searching and I become more "sung"/relaxed.  Everything then seems to come together.

Thats just my 2 cents.

*But depending on my intent, I sometimes like to do the faster small san sau to metallica!  8)


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