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Music or No Music for Tai Chi

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  Music can be a tool to aid you, as long as you don't become dependent on it. Cultures have always used sound to aid them in meeting there goals from meditation to healing.
  As many peolpe come to Tai Chi for it's health benifits then music will help them in this.
  Training tools are like shoes, one size does not fit all.
  As for Tai Chi being boring, my wife says it's like standing still only alittle faster.

I like music when working at home.  It helps me remember to breath (I think it is helpful to those of us who are new at this).

Music for Practicing Tai Chi Chuan

Actually I have found that the best music for Tai Chi Chuan is sounds of nature.  There are several CD's out there.  "Songs of Nature" is song birds.  "Sounds of Nature" is wind blowing, the tide coming in, waterfalls etc.  The non human sounds.  This will help you empty your mind almost like meditation. This will help you to relax mentally and blend with nature.

The flavoring of the sounds is different for each of the systems.  For instance Hsing-I Chuan is the "hard" of the internal systems, I suggest using sounds of a storm i.e. thunder and lightening. Tai Chi Chuan, I suggest the sounds of waves crashing against the shore.  Ba Qua Chang use the sounds of a water running in a river, waterfall. Something flowing.

Not to loud and not too soft just enough to be in the background to get rid of the "Brain Roof Chatter" going on in your head.

I really prefer song birds.  It just takes away the stress thing and I can still practice without distraction or losing concentration.  What you think, is to move the chi around in a combat fashion.  Each sequence of movement has Martial Arts applications.  After practicing the combat mental intent for awhile you can just turn the mind off to think of nothing, blending with "nature".  But at first you must be the warrior.  If you do not, Tai Chi Chuan or any of the internal arts becomes "Ballet".

Ron Lew:
There is no right or wrong. If music helps, then use it. However, specific type of music can be more of a benefit. Music that provides continuance flow...mind, body and spirit...I find Carlos Nakai, a Native American Flutist - "Canyon Trilogy", to be a good one. His music provides the vehicle...to flow with the flow...enjoy..and .. just have fun with it..
Professor Ron Lew

Humble Student:
Though new to the world of Tai Chi, it seems to me that the art demands the ability to blend with or detach from whatever rhythm is present around you...whether it be music, street noise, birds, rain, or silence.  I appreciate the variation.

Thanks for a great class this morning, Sigung Pat...



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