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John Bishop:

By Clarence Emperado Luna

Mastering Kajukenbo is a complete presentation of the principles and applications of one of the most effective martial arts styles. This is the first comprehensive DVD about the art of Kajukenbo as taught by Sijo Adriano D. Emperado to GM Clarence Emperado. Filmed entirely at the "Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute" in Honolulu, Hawaii, Grandmaster Emperado shows the fundamental principles and techniques of one of the best Self- Defense systems in Martial Arts. This exclusive series is a resource guide for any martial artist sincerely interested in enhancing his or her performance and achieving one's full potential in Self-Defense. The goal is for the practitioners to use this DVD to improve their understanding and working knowledge of the art, science, and philosophy of unarmed combat known as Kajukenbo. The topics covered are: Hand Forms and Hand Techniques, Stances and Footwork, Basic Combinations, Kicking Techniques, Self-Defense, Coordination and Distance Drills, etc. all explained in detail by Grandmaster Clarence Emperado Luna.
EM-DVD#340  US $24.95 - ISBN-13: 978-1-60661-024-4

Ghost Rider:
Ah, a breath of fresh air!
I have talked to GM Clarence about this article and the DVD’s.
To be honest he is one of the few that is doing something positive for (Sijo’s) Kajukenbo.
He is holding a memorial for Sijo in Hawaii October 7, 8, & 9 this year and I plan on attending this event along with several Grandmasters.
I will leave the details for him to explain as I am not sure of them.
He is doing these things for Kajukenbo and the memory of Sijo, not for himself.
Others should follow that example.
the EKA event in San Diego was another good example.

Thanks for the post.  I just ordered my copy.  Great respect for everything I've seen from you GM Luna!

Thank you.

just ordered mine. :)


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