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WHKD Redbook Rally in Redmond and New Professors of WHKD
« on: August 03, 2011, 06:44:26 AM »
Redbook Rally in Redmond

The Wun Hop Kuen Do International Association Redbook Seminar and Gathering was held in Redmond OR. Present was the President of the WHKDIA. Professor Mike Sandos and three new Professors 8th Degree Black Belts. Professor Rick Fernandez, Professor Julio Hernandez, and Professor Ben Fajardo. Also attending was several high ranking WHKD Black Belts and under Belts.
The primary focus of this weekend seminar was to review, refresh and make universal the requirements for the promotion of lower belt ranks. The system that we study and teach is Wun Hop Kuen Do, which translated means “combination fist art style”. This system was founded by Grandmaster Al Dacascos in 1969. Wun Hop Kuen Do (WHKD) is a style of KAJUKENBO that incorporates Northern and Southern Chinese Gung Fu with Filipino martial arts into the traditional KAJUKENBO Kenpo system.

As a composite system, KAJUKENBO sought to adapt and combine martial arts styles to create an all-inclusive system that could be effective in any street scenario and cover every range of combat.

WHKD is commonly referred to as a “system without a system.” the art seeks to adapt to any situation and incorporate new techniques and methodologies as they are encountered by practitioners. Within this framework, the style still maintains it’s traditional roots in Kung Fu, teaching the “ways to preserve rather than destroy”, seeking to instill a respect for human kind and the sense of calm that should be present in any true martial artist, along with this line of thinking the development of a healthly life style.

The concern of the President and the Professors is that over the decades there has been a lot of material added to WHKD belt requirements in the interest of providing as much information as possible. Grandmaster Dacascos has always taught that you should learn as much as possible, use what works for you and file the remainder to be used as reference when evaluating your opponents or revisited when your situation changes. Over time the result has been making the test for lower belts way to cumbersome. With that in mind the Seniors of WHKDIA put together this meeting to deal with that problem. The Friday night meeting started out with Professor Rick Fernandez asking all of the Black Belts what does a WHKD Black Belt Look like? Well, after a 3 hour discussion on what is a WHKD Black Belt. We closed the meeting and went home to sleep on that question. Saturday started out with everyone meeting at the school and still thinking about what was asked the night before. We determined that the main objective of WHKD is to develop the total martial artist and not be limited to any style or form. What this means is simple. Every individual is unique and the idea is to take and help every individual grow in the arts to the best of their own ability. What does he look like? (read below) The revising of the redbook started out slowly at first then, went very quick! Going right down the line and voting on each any every technique and application.  Voting to keep, delete, or move up or down. This was another history making event that went off without any problems. There was also an hour spent with each Black Belt there sharing and teaching their skills in WHKD. Next was the professor belt and certificate promotion for our new Professors of WHKD. The President Professor Mike Sandos handled the ceramony with style and class, he was proud to be handing out the new Professor Belts and certificates to the three that was there, after the congrads and the work was done all of the practitioners was welcomed with a lovely dinner and excellent entertainment by an Hawaii dance group. The Ohana of WHKDIA was glowing and everyone was happy to be apart of this event and spend moments together.

What is a WHKD Black Belt? In WHKD the creation is constant through all Black Belt levels. The qualities we seek to develop the most in WHKD are: 1. Spontaneity 2. Creativity 3. Practicality  4. non-mechanical. If these qualities can be absorbed by the Black Belt then put to use, not only in Martial arts but in health, and everyday life, then a person could be and do just about anything.

A WHKD Black Belt he is: 1. Spontaneous: Natural, without effort 2. Creative: To bring into being cause produce, 3. Practical: Inclined towards something useful or workable. He has mastered the use of his legs, hands, clinching and throwing techniques, paralization, breaking, grappling or grab arts, skilled in weapons defense and their use, understands his environment, has studied remedies, and herb practice, knows the philosophy of WHKD, understands the anatomy of the body. To put it simply, he has to know all phases of anything to do with the martial arts. These are the cornerstones of a Wun Hop Kuen Do Black Belt.

I would like to thank Sifu Ferguson for the use of his Kung Fu school. And I would like to take this time to say congrads to the newly promoted WHKD Professors. Master Malia Bernal, Master Mark Dacascos, Master Christian Wulf, Master Dasos Efsthadis, Master Doug Jones, Master Rick Fernandez, Master Julio Hernandez, Master Michael Timmerman, Master Joern Tiedge, Master Ken Lambert, Master Ben Fajardo.

In closing I am very proud to be a part of WHKD and to recieve this honor is a little over whelming for me. I am happy that we can all work together to make WHKD an art that will last for generations to come. Professor Ben Fajardo

Professor Ben Fajardo-Kajukenbo WHKD under GM Al Dacascos.
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