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WHKD-Nubreed Method Wyoming/Colorado
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WUN HOP KUEN DO- Nubreed method
A blend of Southern Chinese Kung Fu, Northern Chinese Kung Fu, and Filipino Fighting arts with the Kajukenbo System, Wun Hop Kuen Do is a method as opposed to a style. Developed by Grand Master Al Dacascos it is an expression of his many years of research and development. Wun Hop Kuen Do (WHKD) is one of the most effective martial art for learning street fighting principles and techniques.
My Senior Instructor's are: Grand Master Al Dacascos, Simo Malia Ribiero, Sifu Gil Trancosa, Sifu Ben Dacascos, Sifu Art Dacascos, Sifu Bill Owens, Sifu Wayne Welsh, Sifu Mike Radulavitch, Sifu Leonard Endrizzi, Sifu Dave Errigo, Sifu Narin Latthitham and Sifu Richard Elizondo
Professor Ben Fajardo, a student of Grand Master Al Dacascos since 1974. I am on the Board of Directors acting as Senior Black Belt in charge of Research/Development, and Secretary for WHKDIA. I am proud and honored to be an active member promoting the WHKD "Combine Fist Art Way" and the “Dacascos Tactical Systems.”

Blending Northern and Southern Kung Fu with Filipino Combative Systems
GM Al Dacascos:Doce Pares Eskrima/Eskrido, Tobosa Kali/Eskrima/Wun Hop Kuen Do. Guro John Daniels:Modern Arnis/Lacoste/Inosanto Kali/Arnis De Mano & Daga Say Daga/Doce Pares Eskrima/Eskrido. Guro Ben Fajardo: Pekiti Tirsia Kali/Lacoste/Inosanto Kali/Doce Pares Eskrima, Modern Arnis/ Wun Hop Kuen Do

 The system incorporates a wide range of Martial Arts styles into a system of training methods which includes techniques and tactics from: Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino boxing, Kali-Sikaran, Kuntao- Silat, Kenpo arts, Jujitsu, Judo, Submission wrestling, Filipino Stick and Knife Fighting Arts of Arnis, Kali, Eskrima. All the arts are taught through fun and exciting phase classes.

Our main focus is on Private/small group Instruction, so that the student is given the complete understanding of the concepts being taught. If enough people are interested in a particular Art or Program then a group will be formed in your area. If someone wants to join an existing group they must first have at least one Private lesson or attend a group session for consideration in joining. A group is composed of people who are committed to learning their chosen Art and are dedicated to supporting each other in this group endeavor. The cost for classes are $15 per class

**** for more information on a Rock Springs Wyoming Training group call Professor Ben Fajardo Rock Springs at 307-212-2077 leave message! or Green River Sigung Rich Hager at 307-389-0339
**** for information on Wheatridge Colorado Training group call Sihing David Bernstein at 303-810-0544.
Professor Ben Fajardo-Kajukenbo WHKD under GM Al Dacascos.
Train the way you fight and fight the way you train..