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Grandmaster Sean Marbutt, Illinois
« on: December 23, 2011, 09:56:01 PM »
"Sean Marbutt was my student several years ago. He received his black belt from me around the age of 16 or so. He immediately started to call himself "sensei" even though my school rules indicated that you were not really ready to use the term until at least 2nd degree, and then only with certification to that affect. There is a big difference between knowing how to do stuff and being able to teach it to people with different abilities. Marbutt never received the certification. He did get second degree from me and then wanted to get paid for teaching. i only paid my senior black belts, and then only if they had responsibilities that merited payment. I do not consider 2nd degree to be a senior black belt.  Marbutt then left the school shortly thereafter. He started teaching in various places on his own. Over the years I started hearing that he was gaining rank. Since he taught small groups in small towns, I didn't bother with it, letting him feel like a big fish in a small pond. However, I made it clear to my instructors that he was not one of us and not to associate with him. GM Gelinas is correct in his statement that Marbutt's name does not appear on the family tree because he is not affiliated with me.  I believe most of his ranks came from weekend seminars with different people. People that have been in the martial arts probably know which people I refer to. Much to my surprise, earlier this year, I learned that he was advertising himself as a Grand master on posters he put out for demonstrations. Now that he has made a presence on Cafe, I need to set things straight. Let me make two points: 1. He is in no way affiliated with me and i do not recognize his ranks or the ranks of his students; 2. Since he left before we switched from kajukenpo to kajukenbo, he is not familiar with fundamental kajukenbo, either Sijo's branch or the Ramos branch. I hardily recommend that no real kajukenbo school have anything to do with him.

GM Andrew Torok
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