Author Topic: TV show announcement April 17 : Weapons fighting with Norwegian musicians  (Read 2277 times)

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Weapons Fighting show announcement for April 17:

"Onkel Amerika" a Norwegian reality TV series with an episode of the two Grammy-winning musician hosts Fingern and Dansken fighting some Americans known as the Gentlemen's Fighting Club using implements of destruction such as aluminum training blades, rubber hoses, sticks and shinai.

The reality TV series is about finding Norse culture in Amerika : Other series topics include :
- Skin hanging
- Shark fishing
- Norse mythology
- Gold mining
- Steer wrestling
- Played a concert
- Stunt school
- Underground exploring in NYC
- Ghost hunters - investigation a haunted place in Seattle
- Bigfoot researchers
- Magic show

On-line viewing is region-limited. Sorry.
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Great pics Gints.. :)
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