Author Topic: Tony Ramos Kajukenbo/ Ramos Method 2012 Brown, Blackbelt Degree Promotion  (Read 5375 times)

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I would like to take this time out to thank all that attended, performed, and witnessed the celebrated event.
like to give a special thank you to the follwing Black Belts and Instructors that were in attendance. Simoe Connie Ramos, Simoe Leah Ramos -Amiccuci, Sibak Joe Terrado, and Sihing/Sifu Jayson Jones TRK Yelm Washington. Instructor Arness Ramos-Iranon set her well wishes from TRK Hilo Warriors Inst. Raymond Porquez,Inst. Danile Arriaga, Inst. Sony Porquez, Inst. Joel Aylworth, Inst. Juan Rivera, Mr. Josh Limeneos, Mrs. Kat Lorenzo, Ms. Adriana Driscoll. Ms. Hope Driscoll, Mr Michael Fitzgerald, Mr. Dave Garcia,

As always this event is a special occasion. The promotion was held by the standards that Ahgung and the TRK/ Ramos Method requirements have set. Ahgung would have been so proud to see how the promotees performed. Simoe Connie exspressed how proud Ahgung would be to see you all. God Bless

Sr. Professor

The canadate list is as follows:

Jr. Brown Belt:
Vincent Oriarte
Joseph Yoon
Jackson Riley
Veronica Tang

Sr. Brown:
Stacey Briw
Maurio Blount

 Jr. Brown Sash:
Anthony Hernandez
Nicholas Mendoza
Sr. Brown Sash
Taylor Hood

Jr. 1st Degree Brown Belt
Ryan Ford

Sr. 1st Degree Brown Belt:
Tom Klopstock
Melissa Klopstock
Nael Numair
Ibrahim Numair

Jr. 1st Degree Brown Sash: 
David Amiccuci II
Matthew Mendoza
Brandon Dickson
1st Degree Black Sash:
Instructor Juan Rivera
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Congratulations to you all!!

Good job.

GM Eugene Sedeno
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Congratulations to all.
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It was such a great day. Thank you Professor for everything. Thank you to all the Black Belts for coming to this event. Congrats to my TRK family that went up that day with me, and thanks to all the helpers that came and making that day such a great day.
Nael Numair
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This was a great promotion day Congrats to all who wen t up. Thanks to the black belt board for giving up their time to be present. and thanks to Professor and Simoe for all you continue to do.
Tom Klopstock
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