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Schools Near Waikiki?

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Andre B:
I will be going to Waikiki for a week in July.  Can anyone recommend a Hawaiian Kenpo (Ryusaki) or Kajukenbo school nearby that would be good to visit?  Thanks.

Ghost Rider:
Grandmaster Clarance Emperado Luna
(KSDI Hawaii)

Andre B:
Thank you for the reply Grandmaster Harper.  I have you to thank for getting me interested in this style, as I became interested in it after watching Fight Quest. 

I tried to find the address for KSDI Hawaii and found "Royal School (on the Punchbowl exit off the H-1 freeway)" in another post.  Is this the right place?

Ghost Rider:
yes that's the one.
if you stop in for a visit give Grandmaster my Aloha.
just tell him Harper sent me. LOL
Then get ready for some good old Kajukenbo because he was taught by Sijo.

John Bishop:
Check out this thread for the new location of his schools:


You can email GM Clarence to confirm their location and class times: ksdiHI@hawaii.rr.com


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