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Sigung Jeff Macalolooy:
In 2010, I was asked to choreograph some fight scenes for a music video for the Native Elements Reggae Band.  They also cast my wife, Liza, as the lead character in the music video/short film.  I brought in 3 Kajukenbo Black Belts to help me and you will see them in the video: Guro Arnel Mendoza, Sibak Fos Fiame, and Sifu Eric Coleman.

The online world premier was on Sept 4.  I just wanted to share it with you guys ... enjoy:

If you really like it, please vote by clicking on the 5 stars on the bottom right of the video on this link:

Thanks for watching!

Sifu C:
Wow!  Great!

With my respects,

Sifu C

It's so cool to see our Kajukenbo brothers and sisters getting involved in so many different things.  We truly have such a diverse talent base in our system.

Awesome Sigung Jeff and please tell your lovely wife hello.



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