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In ancient days the gardener’s were masterful. The soil was prepared; the best seeds were gathered, and placed in the ground and were nurtured for free growth. That was the beginning…..the real work came as the master gardener’s patience and unyielding attention to nurturing the garden daily throughout his life. As the roots formed they began moving towards optimum nourishment. Soon the roots gave way to the life of the tree and the abundance of fruit. The more fruit, the more seeds, the more new trees abound. The master gardener had completed his journey and provided this gift to many.

Along the way, the original root which gave life to all was buried deep and almost forgotten…

Sijo Adriano D. Emperado was the Master Gardener of Kajukenbo. All things that surrounded him; his family, students, friends, and foe was Kajukenbo’s nourishment, its roots. The experiences thought to be lost or soon to be buried are in the process of being “Exposed”. The Kajukenbo Expose the Root project invites you to enjoy this sizzle of what is yet to come…..

You are encouraged to “Like” The Expose The Root FaceBook page and spread the word to your inner circle of martial artist and friends. Find out how you can be part of this project and support Sijo’s wishes. The journey has begun, be part of it and help “Expose The Root” of Kajukenbo so it can live forever…….

Expose The Root Sizzle Clip:

Great preview!
I very much look forward to the full documentary.


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