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School in or near Boulder, CO?


Hey everyone,

I just had a student from quite a few years ago contact me.  He is now living in Boulder, CO.  He is looking for an instructor out there.  If I remember right, been like 7 or 8 years, he did get his Orange Belt, but that was it.

Anyways, he is looking for a hardcore type of instructor, that teaches with hard training.  Not necessarily "hard style" Kajukenbo, etc., but with realistic training, contact, etc.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

Ron Baker:
I *thought* there was a WHKD school in Longmont.  Check with Prof. Fajardo maybe?

I also thought that Mr. Kelly Rosato taught up near Boulder. 

sigung Sam Carter:
My student Tim Mills and I have been teaching out here for years. Tim teaches down south in Parker and I'm up north in Broomfield/Westminster. Check under Colorado schools for info.

Thanks-Sigung Sam


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