Author Topic: Pastor Tim Layfield Promoted to First Degree - Antioch KSDI  (Read 2487 times)

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Pastor Tim Layfield Promoted to First Degree - Antioch KSDI
« on: February 21, 2013, 08:40:20 PM »
Congratulations are in order for Pastor Tim Layfield who was recently promoted on February 16, 2013.  Those in attendance to witness and confirm the promotion were: GM Emil Bautista, GM Frank Conway, GM Rick Alemany, Professor Anthony Ramos, Sigung Manuel Esquivel, Sigung Oliver Valenzuela, Sifu Willie Gusimat, Sifu Lee Dongallo, Sifu Craig LawrenceSibak Cathy Lawrence, and Sifu Andre Miller.

Evident in Pastor Tim's promotion was his power, strength, and flow. He demonstrated many of the skills passed on to him from Ahgung teachings. It was great to witness the promotion of such a competent yet humble practitioner.  Pastor Tim was fortunate enough to have met Ahgung who spent time with him discussing self-defense  and sparring.

Thanks to everyone who supported this promotion!

Humbly submitted,

Sigung Oliver Valenzuela
Antioch KSDI

Tai Sigung Oliver Valenzuela
Northern California Headquarters of K.S.D.I
Valley Kajukenbo