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2014 Goals & Objectives
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:44:48 PM »
Aloha Ohana,

I would like to provoke your thoughts that lead to action.
My goal for asking is out of respect & constructive.
Sharing ones thoughts with others may cause provocation to take action in the New Year.

What are your GOALS & OBJECTIVES as Kajukenbo practitioners and Martial Artists for 2014?
Please be specific, detailed, with a timeline.
Whats your plan? How are you going to get there?
 A goal without a plan is useless.
Doing the same things expecting a different result is useless.

George Lim

George Lim
LIM Karate LFMA Lim Family Martial Arts
Grandmaster. Hawaii Kenpo, Kajukenbo

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Re: 2014 Goals & Objectives
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2014, 12:23:50 PM »
I agree that everyone who runs a school should not let the year pass by and a new year start without spending some time contemplating what changes you would like to make or what milestones you would like to complete in the upcoming year. You don't have to do it only at the new year, but you certainly need to be consistent in when you evaluate, and make sure you take the time to update your progress as you go.

Goal setting: Plan, Act, Review, and Renew

We (my wife and I) generally take the holiday break as a time to reflect on what worked and what didn't work and outline what changes we would like to see in the upcoming year. We plan our schedule a year in advance so we already know our belt test dates and our other Ohana activities such as our leadership retreat and what seminars we will be hosting or attending. As a side note, we print a magnetic fridge card for our students to have so they know the important dates as well.

I won't waste space with time-lines or specific details (but I do have them), in general my goals are:

Reduce unnecessary costs/overhead
Acquire additional equipment for both school locations
Plan and execute our leadership retreat (looks like all 36 of our leadership has confirmed their attendance already only 2 individuals won't make it)
Attend our normally attended Tournaments (and prepare our students for competing/participating)
Host 2 seminars/events

Each of our programs have specific goals for the new year as well. We break the goals down into categories like:
Kaju Program (Adult/Juniors/Dragons)
CrossPIT fitness

Our weekly staff meeting allows us to make adjustments to our progress and set any short term goals that enable us to reach our long term goals. It helps having different people with different responsibilities to help execute the plan.

Hope everyone has a great and productive year this year!

-Sigung Kelly Corder & Sr Sifu Jennifer Corder
Kajukenbo Arizona: Live Clean. Fight Dirty

under Grandmaster George Lim < the late Grandmaster Allen Abad < Sijo Emperado
also under John Hackleman of the PIT MMA < Walter Godin

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Re: 2014 Goals & Objectives
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 08:35:14 AM »
I agree.  These are important tools to keep our active, and moving forward.  They benefit not just the Kwoon, but the Dodie as well. 
Sifu Greg Hoyt
Hoyt's Kajukenbo, Peoria, Arizona
Under Sigung Trent Sera, Professor Kailani Koa
Train Hard - Fight Dirty

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Re: 2014 Goals & Objectives
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2014, 07:08:28 PM »
Hi Grandmaster Lim and all,

This is a great topic actually as New Years is one of my favorite holidays.  I do have some goals with a plan to achieve them to help, share, and care that our Kajukenbo systems grows in a positive direction as well as what I have planned internally for my school.

This art has given me so much, if not for this art I wouldn’t be the person I am today nor have the type of friends and relationships I have today not to mention saving my asp on the street a few times. 

First and foremost I plan to execute to the ideals set forth by Sijo and Grandmaster Gaylord regarding maintaining the highest standards of teaching and training.  I give nothing away and many have sat on my belt test boards and know my testing process is rigorous as I believe it should be reflecting why this great art of ours was created in the first place.

I plan to travel and get on the floor to learn as well as share my knowledge where ever I can.  I had the absolute pleasure of doing so last year at many of the events that were offered (Fresno, Union City, Hawaii, and the Northwest).

I plan to keep my promise to GGMG in regards to my Portugal brothers and sisters to support them by going and being a part of the upcoming April event as well as the KSDI event in July and GM Harper & GM Sotelo KU events.  We have to attend these events as best we can and get on the floor and cross hands with our Kajukenbo family and share the love not to mentioned learn from our Grandmasters and other Professors, Sigung’s & Sifu’s who get on the floor.

Many of you know that Sigung Trent and myself along with Sifu Ralph Ferguson and Shannon Spahan are the KOA representatives for Region 1 which is Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  It is our desire to collaborate and work with all the Kajukenbo entities in these areas to host some events that we will be meeting about soon. 

I have two dojo’s on my property that can host a large group for seminars and other events.  I hosted Sigung Trent’s Northwest Kajukenbo Family Gathering two years in a row but that event did outgrow my two dojos as I can only host ~50-60 people comfortably and ~70-80 if you utilize sub-groups and plan to offer my venue to other this year especially my Kaju Ohana for no cost.

I work fulltime as a hardware engineer and only teach on the side twice a week and have a 2nd Friday open sparring class presently.  I plan to offer a couple more classes specific to certain areas of training and will have a more consistent monthly workout for my black belts.

I have been blessed with many journey’s and am writing a book on metaphysical principles and using tools from Qigong, prayer, affirmation, breath work, ritual, and various energy practices to help my students and others learn how to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  I have a time slot carved out every week for this endeavor. 

Those the areas I am focusing on for 2014.

I truly look forward to seeing my Kaju family this year as I think we will have another great year.

Much Love & Respect,
Grandmaster Tim Gagnier
Student of Great Grandmaster Charles Gaylord & Grandmaster Sid Lopez
Chief Instructor Pacific Wind Kajukenbo
Student Forever
Yamhill, Oregon