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Hello everyone,

This is a 3 minute introduction video about my school showing what Clarfield Kajukenbo is all about.  I would like to get feedback from the Kajukenbo community on the video.  I am the instructor and owner Sibak Robert Clarfield, 2nd degree Black Belt, under Sigung Mehdi Hakik, 6th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo.  I opened this school in Tempe AZ in July 2013.


Sibak Robert Clarfield

Jason Goldsmith:
Great production quality.  However, for selling practical self-defense I think the videos show too much compliant drilling.  More of what we see towards the end with the sparring, but in relation to the self-defense techniques, could help give that authentic, practical feel that people want.  Also, some jiu jitsu policy may argue that what you showed under the jiu jitsu tag was really wrestling, not jiu jitsu, due to the lack of subs, etc. 

Sorry if my comments are harsh--the internet is a pretty wild place these days, so I would rather be overly critical so you don't get some a-hole commenting about such things on your youtube video, etc.

Jason Goldsmith:
Here is a promo video we did:

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the comments, and not harsh at all.  Although I see your points the video has done exceptional for my school and for the most part everyone seems to like it so far.  It has been seen at health and fitness expos and during demonstrations. I viewed your promo and I like some of the ideas you put in such as interviews with the students, the only two items I saw that I would have done differently would be shorter interviews and when I went to full screen the quality was lost, but overall still a good video and thank you for the comments.


Sibak Robert Clarfield


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