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  Pa kua chang have two main branch the Cheng Ting Hua and Yin Fu branch.....in the time every one for this branch have different 8 palms changes form in the circle(some had most of one forms) and linear forms(fighting forms)...I have learned the FuShen Song Pakua chang(the 8 yang palms) under Fu Shen long (Vacouver) and some the Chiang rong jiao(8 palms changes) completely different but same principles....I learned some of the Gao Yi sheng Ba gua ....the 8 palms circle and the linear....just a little bit...

    Pa kua is very special arts ....better to learned Hsing Yi first...

  Mark Do U learned the Gao style or the Liang Shen Pu style with GM Black


Mark Dinkel:
More proficient in Liang Zhen Pu, but was introduced to both.

I was more interested in hsing yi than ba gua. However, ba gua was given more freely than hsing yi. As a result, I became more proficient in ba gua than hsing yi even though I would have preferred the reverse.

Since parting with GM Black's school, I continued to study concentrating more on hsing yi since it is a much more basic and simple style. However my studies have recently driven me back to ba gua with the understanding that it is a much better system for physical health which is why I do martial arts.


 Howdy Mark

   So U learned some of the tang shou tao Hsing Yi....?

   The gao style bagua is very good to learn with the Tang shou tao Hsing Yi....since a lot of the linear form of the gao style is include in the Hsing Yi (Hung YI Hsiang or Hsu Hong Chi) in the Ba shou and the three basics tang shou tao form(Ba lien Shou,Ba bu chuan and so on...

   Its just my opinion ....to learned the Hsing Yi first and go for bagua after....



Mark Dinkel:
I agree that hsing yi would have been better to learn first, but certain constraints did not allow this.

It is my understanding advanced Hebei hsing yi has a lot of ba gua in it. I know some of the advanced tang shou tau hsing yi looks very similar to some of the gao ba gua, but I did not get to such an advanced level in either to determine if there was more than just appearance.  If I remember correctly the warm up exercises for level three hsing yi were very comparable, if not the exact same warm up set, to the gao ba gua.

When I was there, gao had only been introduced for about two years. I was only introduced to the one warm up set. Lots of forms tho. Pity I do not have them stored somehow.

i've heard about 9 stations in bagua, 9 circles.
first, one circle should be walked, then at the  next stage, 2 circles forming an 8 figure,and then 9 stations- the original circle with 8 animals(circles) around it. Even a drawing is shown for the 9 stations, but how do you move through them?(by this i dont mean order of circles but the actual transition from one circle to the other.)  :-\

Another question, whenever I'm walking the circle and desire to go the other way, do i make a change of hands, double change of hands, any of the animal changes or just stop and begin walking to the other direction? ???


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