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A Warrior's Path
« on: January 31, 2014, 08:28:31 AM »
Aloha Everyone,  I pray that everyone is doing well on this Aloha Friday. 
Here at Hoyt's Kajukenbo we are glad to be alive and able to train.  What a blessing.  We are simple Martial Artists, trudging the Warrior's Path to the best of our ability.  Until recently our only problem was our current location was too small to handle our growing student base.  Yeah, that is a quality problem.  We found a bigger spot, and are now in the process of getting it ready to have our Grand Opening in a couple of weeks. 
I mention all this to point out that we are just a small Kwoon, independent, but Kajukenbo strong none the less. 
My instructor, Sigung Trent Sera, led by example, from the front.  He helped us develop a fierce pride in Sijo's Art.  Not just the powerful, devastating techniques we trained, but also compassion and humility and.....SERVICE. 
That is at the core of the Warrior's Path.  We train that we may serve others. 
We don't have time for all the drama. We are too busy trying to follow the Path, trying to be better today than we were yesterday.  Our concerns are of the daily sort.  How to demonstrate tonight's technique to a new student?  Should we Kickbox, or Groundfight, or Streetfight??  Do we have enough money in the bank to cover rent and electric? 
Pretty basic stuff, and it fills my day with enough activity to keep me out of trouble. 
I'm not trying to say that all the Kajukenbo politics/drama doesn't matter.  I'm sure it does.  Just not to me. 
I try to follow the example of a few Martial Artists that I call family...ohana.  Grandmaster and Professor Lim, Professor Kailani Koa, Sigung and Sifu Corder, and a few others.  They don't get mixed up in the crap.  They just train, and learn, and share, and guide.  That's it.  Just train. 
Those are the people I want to be like when I grow up. 
Thanks for letting me share. 
Sifu Greg   
Sifu Greg Hoyt
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Re: A Warrior's Path
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2014, 10:38:11 AM »
Hey Sifu Greg,

I don't get on the Cafe enough to see everything but I just wanted to congratulate you here on your hard work and moving in to a new bigger space to train. I think you run a great school and do things the right way. Proud to know you and to be associated with you. Your students look good and definitely reflect well on your teaching. That was a fun bull ring a few months back, we have to do it again!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the Luigi Seminar, we will have some fun!

Much respect,
-Sigung Kelly Corder & Sr Sifu Jennifer Corder
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