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Passing of Sigung Arthur Yau Sung Lee
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ARTHUR LEE YAU SUNG LEE [/b] [/i] December 17, 1930 – December 26, 2013 Master Arthur Yau Sung passed away on December 26, 2013. He was born on December 17, 1930 to his parents Herng San Lee and Margaret Mew Lin Lee. His stepfather Tuk Yau Young helped raise him throughout his youth. He graduated from McKinley High School class of 1949. His mother enrolled him in the Jing Moo Tai Yuk Oui Association aka Chinese Physical Culture Association in 1939 where he trained with his first Sifu, Professor Lau Yu Cho at 9 yrs old. He then met his 2nd Sifu, Professor Lum Dai Yung who established the Gee Yung Physical Culture Association in 1941 until his passing in 1957. It was then that Sifu Arthur Lee at the age of 27 took over the Gee Yung Association in honor of his Grandmaster, Sifu Lee perpetuated the Art, History and Culture to his students as aspired by his Grandmaster. Continuously radiating a calm and vital blend of modesty, confidence, joy and perseverance, he has touched and inspired countless lives with his steady and patient efforts. Throughout his life, he was an avid and disciplined student and teacher of the Chinese Martial Arts known as “Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen”. His modesty and readiness to accept and study different views and perspectives, as well as his profound understanding of the martial arts, enabled him to take his art to the highest pinnacle which was acknowledged by people far and wide. As a person, he was polite and amiable, and was above political involvement because his passion was mainly to teach and spread the art. As a teacher, he was patient and considerate, and approached his students with carefully thought-out methods. He was a role model for all participants in the Chinese Martial Arts. His life revolved around the Chinese Culture and the Martial Arts enabling him to travel extensively to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand where he met great masters that he was humbled to learn from. One of his known adages that he stressed to his students was “To master oneself is the greatest achievement “. Over the years, there have been many great practitioners of the Martial Arts, but very few of them have been great teachers as well. In our thoughts Sifu Arthur Lee was one of them. He is survived by his wife Sylvia J Lee whom he married in 1954. Preceded in death by son Robin Kum Tong Lee, also survived by daughter Taryn Mee Lung Lee and son Harlan Dai Tong (Tamie) Lee, with 7 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters, sister Lorrie Lee and brother Leo B Young. His family and students will miss a great husband, father and teacher, however we will carry on his Spirit through his teachings worldwide. Memorial Service for his Celebration of Life will be on January 14, 2014 at Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary. Visitation starting at 4:30 pm. Services start at 6:00pm and ends at 9:00pm. Semi formal attire. Family requests no flowers please.

Another practitioners that Sijo was associated with.  Grandmasters  Dela Cruz, Sixto Ramos and I had the opportunity to visit his school on several occasions.  My condolences to the Lee family.
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