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Work out in Western Michigan


Blake Lucas:
Hi everyone,

I just moved to Hastings, MI, 30 minutes south of Grand Rapids and am looking for someone to workout with and prep for testing for second Dan.  If there is anyone around the area that is interested in getting together a few times a week, please let me know.

I also would be open to working with lower belts and prep them for rank.

Thanks everyone!!


Dave Jones:
Aloha Blake.

If you were in the St. Louis area you would be welcome to work out with us any time.
But I cannot think of any Kaju peeps in Michigan.

I presume you searched the forums here, right?
You might have to find a kenpo, judo, boxing, MMA , etc club that might let you work out with them.

Tell Sigung Tim and the rest of the team that we said "hi".

Good luck.


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