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I did the family tree for the KAA and the task was daunting at best ...worked on it for about 2 years getting email after email with changes and letters with changes all the time..placing it in the tree was difficult...I used a few programs one I paid a good amount for...I asked GM Gelinas about it, he had me send what I had and boom...a real tree...I bow at the work it takes...and will always appreciate that help...
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There are two problems with electronic copies.

Philip Gelinas

You could always encrypted it with Acrobat Pro so they wouldn't be able to Print or Copy it.  I only ask because it would be neat to have an online version.  If you have a website you could host an online version that would not be printable as well.  Just more work  ;D
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That is why I have been issuing individual Family/Family Trees.

Each Student under Sijo (and the BBS) has it's own down line to more easily trace those people you are looking for.
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