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Mitch Powell:
MAD Productions is once again offering the Original Emperado Method Alphabet Techniques DVD. It was first released in 2003 and features (Grandmaster) Mitch Powell, (Professor) Dennis Peterson, and (Sigung) Albert Saddler demonstrating the 26 Alphabets Techniques (A thru Z) along with some historical information regarding the early development and expansion of Kajukenbo in the 1950s and early 1960s as the first wave of Kajukenbo instructors began spreading the art.

The techniques demonstrated in this DVD were taught to Grandmaster Powell by Senior Grandmaster Joseph Davis and filmed at Senior Grandmaster Emil Bautista's Benicia Road Settlement in Vallejo, California under the direction and supervision of SGM Davis and SGM Bautista.

Please note: There are different version of the Alphabet Techniques within the Kajukenbo system. The techniques featured in this DVD are the techniques SGM Joe Davis learned from his teacher the late Great Grandmaster Aleju Reyes, who promoted SGM Davis to black belt in 1966. According to Sijo Emperado, he taught the Alphabet Techniques to GGM Reyes in the late 1950s prior to GGM Reyes leaving Hawaii for California. These techniques are considered the Advanced Punch Counters for the Original Hard-line Kajukenbo Kenpo-Karate branch. Keep in mind, every instructor adds their own flavor to techniques, and in this case, these techniques have been handed down from Sijo Emperado to GGM Reyes to SGM Davis to GM Powell, so variations must be expected. With that said, these techniques and all variations of the original Alphabet Techniques are an important part of our Kajukenbo legacy and provide the student and teacher with excellent Kajukenbo self defense and fighting strategies.   

The cost of the DVD is $30.00 and orders can be placed by contacting Professor Dennis Peterson at:

Grandmaster Mitch Powell
Powell's MMA Academy
Original Method Kajukenbo Kenpo-Karate
Teachers: (Ahgung Tony Ramos, SGM Calvin Shin, SGM Emil Bautista, & SGM Joe Davis)

Sorry for the really late reply.

Is this DVD/Manual still available?

Mitch Powell:
Yes it is. Send an email to Professor Peterson as the email listed.

Thank you.


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