Author Topic: Video of Sijo stating his desires for the KSDI and Kajukenbo  (Read 9141 times)

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Re: Video of Sijo stating his desires for the KSDI and Kajukenbo
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Alright alright...I'm feeling sour about my previous post now... In the end we all want kajukenbo to grow and flourish and im glad its doing well in Europe and apparently Kuwait as well. It was not wise of me to bring up the past and stir the pot the way I did.  A part of my own past actually worth mentioning was when I visited Portugal a few years back as a white belt and Sifu Renato welcomed me with open arms, and showed me what real kajukenbo ohana is all about.

The reality of all this is that we're all training the same martial art!.. regardless of affiliation or past disagreements between the community .. we have love and passion for the same exact thing and that should be enough to unite us all.. I realize that I might come off as a hypocrite after my previous post, but with that said.. I really do hope that eventually with the next generation of kajukenbo practioner we can forget this bullshit and just move on. I appreciate all styles and expressions of kajukenbo and I admire any dedicated kajukenbo practioner that carries the kajukenbo flag..because it ain't easy!

Ohana love to all,
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