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GM David Amiccuci Seminar Instructor
« on: November 15, 2016, 02:24:20 PM »
Name: David V. Amiccuci

Rank : 9th Degree Red Silver Belt/Sash Kajukenbo, 8th Grade Cacoy Doce Pares, 7th Grade Eskrido, 6th Grade Panamot. Aiki Jujitsu Certified Instructor . 29 Years LE/Corrections experience.

  Certified instructor. P.O.S.T and S.T.C. Certified instructor 29 years Defensive Tactics Instructor, Impact Weapon instructor. Other Instructor and experience Taser Instructor, Wrap Instructor, Field Training Officer, Subject matter expert on use of force.

Method: Tony Ramos Method (GM Amiccuci is the successor to SGM Antonio A. Ramos selected directly by Ahgung Ramos)

Resides: Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Headquarters 1321 Oliver Road Fairfield CA. 94534 (707)718-5549

Where could you teach seminars: Flexible

What will be taught: I offer several types of seminars from TRK foundations to the evolution of TRK . Also Surviving Edge Weapons, Cacoy Doce Pares, Knife, Stick, Yawara, Disarming, Pangomot,. The seminars are progressive and tailored to the group. Certain seminars are for LE/Corr, tactical personnel only and must show proof before course is taught.


Grand Master David V. Amiccuci
9th Deg Red/Silver Belt 9th Degree Red Silver/ Sash
Successor to GGM Ahgung Tony Ramos Kajukenbo/Ramos Method
Cacoy World Doce Pares
 8th Grade Eskrima
7th Grade Eskrido
6th Grade Pangamot
Under SGM Cacoy Canete