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Mitch Powell:
I have found a great source for Internal martial arts tapes and CDs. The company is called:

Wayfarer Publications
PO Box 39938
Los Angeles, Ca. 90039
1 800 888 9119
or www.tai-chi.com

I purchased a CD on the Simplified 24 by Dr. Paul Lam. It is excellent. The instruction is very easy to understand with each posture and transition explained and broken down. The CD includes several Chi Kung exercises too. The Cost was only $29.95. This CD is like being at a seminar.

Jon Pack:
In SF and Sunnyvale area there is a great Tai Chi instructor, Adam Hsu. Original Chen Style is great for Kenpoka because of hard/soft style and flowing/explosive movements and its self defense orientation. These are also available on video through him directly or Black Belt Magazine. All the Yang, Sun, Wu etc. style stem from Chen Village.
Not just for health and balance.

Dave Bock:
A good source for Tai Chi, BaGua, Qigong (Chi Kung) and Aikido videos and CD's.  The website
also has recommended reading lists and other articles etc..
The instructor is Andrew Dale, he is in Seattle WA.


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