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Grandmaster Lachlan "Lucky" Ventar Sr.
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GM Ventar was born in Wahiwa, Hi. on November 30, 1945.
His first martial art training was in Chinese Kempo under Prof. Eli in Nanakuli,Hi.  In 1964, he moved to the island of Kauai, where his wifes cousin introduced him to Kajukenbo.  He started training under Francis Hosaka, and became his chief instructor. 
He assisted Hosaka in opening Kajukenbo schools in Koloa, Kekaha, and Lihue.  He trained with and assisted Hosaka until Hosaka passed away.  He received his degrees up to 7th from Hosaka.  After Hosaka's passing, he received his 8th degree from GM Jason Groff, and was just recently promoted to 9th degree by Co-Founder Frank Ordonez. 

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