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Professor Mani Esquivel
« on: May 21, 2015, 05:36:47 PM »
Professor Manuel Esquivel AKA ?Mani? started his training the summer of 1974 under Sigung Roland Yadao. He was 11 years old and after two years of training with Sigung Roland Yadao (Yadao), Yadao returned to Hawaii. Professor Mani continued his training under Ahgung Antonio ?Tony Ramos? in Fairfield, CA. After many years of continuous training Professor Mani earned his Black belt in 1988 under Ahgung Tony Ramos. During that same year Professor Mani also earned his bachelor?s degree from CSU, Sacramento.  Professor Mani has continued his teachings and continuous training through other high ranking Kajukenbo black belts instructors, Such as GM Bautista from Vallejo, CA,  GM Anthony Ramos, GM Frank Conway, GM Rick Alemany, and may other well know instructors. Sigung Mani has trained in Escrima, Doce Pares, Balintowat and other FMA disciplines and other other martial arts systems.
Professor Mani currently works as a Senior Investigator for the State of California. A position he has held for over 18 years. Prior to 1997 he worked in the compliance section of the State of California Board of Equalization.
Professor Mani has been given training through the State of California ?P.O.S.T? Academy  in various weapons self-defense courses (1998) Weaponless self-defense (2000), surviving edge weapons(2000), knowledge of Kuboton usage(1998)
He has also taught self-defense for the Maritime Academy located at Vallejo, California. He has taught freely at Gyms in the local area that provide services for the less fortunate.
Professor Mani is currently teaching at Antioch CA, where he has been for over 20 years.
He has five Black students that have attained their black belts through him and are actively teaching. He has also taught other Black belts the Ramos lineage self-defense techniques.
Professor Mani has taught freely in many seminars (Kajukenbo and non-Kajukenbo seminar from 1988-present). He has been involved in several organizations, KNF, Nor-Cal KSDI
Professor Mani opened his dojo with Professor Tony Yadao for approximately two years (1992-1994)
Professor Mani had a school at Four-Stars Gymnastics (non-profit gym) from 1994-1996.
Professor Mani taught at Gold?s gym from 96-97.
From 1997-present Professor Mani has been teaching at his studio in Antioch, CA.
Professor Mani has assisted other Kaju/Non Kaju Martial Arts Grandmasters conduct seminar, tournaments, and many special events.  Professor Mani has many close ties with other instructor?s that teach the Ramos Method, but has an open mind and heart to learn and  train with the other branches of Kajukenbo and non-Kajukenbo Martial Arts.
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Re: Professor Mani Esquivel
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Good man, very loyal to the cause and a 100% kajukenbo with intregity to his teacher and students.....
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