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To help with our current situation, I am putting these t shirts and sweatshirts up as a fundraiser. Sizes small through 3xl.

Cost is $25 for t shirts and $40 for hooded sweatshirts. Shipping is a flat rate of $5, regardless of how many you want.

Payment methods: PayPal to
 Credit/debit cards: 503 839-6359
 Checks/money orders: Trent Junker, PO Box 1375, Clackamas, OR 97015

Now you can help me and my family while getting an awesome shirt too.

Order will be put in within a few weeks and production only takes a few days.

grand master hemenes:
you have a 3x in the hoodie  if so i will take one

Yes sir, 3xl is available.  I will put you down for one of those.  What payment method works best for you?

grand master hemenes:
i will send you a money order out

Sounds good sir.


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