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First Edition Hard and Soft Cover Book available on Amazon October 15, 2016.
9" x 11", 240 pages, more than 3000 photographs.

Dave Jones:
What makes this an instructor's manual?
Which which lineages?

I found a description on Amazon. 
It just sounds like a reprint of Mr. Bishop's book maybe with different or updated photos.

I'm confused.

This book is a technical manual detailing original method Kajukenbo. All Palama Sets, grab arts, tricks, punch counters, and alphabets are presented step by step with pictures. There is some Kajukenbo history but it is foremost a technique manual. GM Whittle didn't try to survey or give an overview of other methods. 

I don't see what matters what, just as long as it is of the kajukenbo discipline, good reading and also infornative as all books writen on KAJUKENBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Jones:
Aloha GM.

I ask because I spend a lot of money on a lot of books but I no longer buy something just because it has "Kajukenbo" in the name somewhere.
It matters because I cannot afford everything I would like.

I hope you are well.


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