Author Topic: Disambiguation (throughout Kajukenbo): "Grand Master" Vs. "Grandmaster"  (Read 3296 times)

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Hello everyone,

I've noticed that "Grand Master" and "Grandmaster" are used interchangeably at near equal usage. I was curious what the "set standard" for the term is in Kajukenbo specifically, as I've been a little perplexed myself in my correspondences in which term to use, depending on whom I'm speaking with and their usage.

FYI: It's made mention of 3 times on Wikipedia, and all 3 times they are connected as "Grandmaster", which would also make the most sense to me as the term is more specific than when the words are separated.

I apologize if this is a duplicate thread from the past but I could not find it in the archives. Thanks so much in advance!

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Re: Disambiguation (throughout Kajukenbo): "Grand Master" Vs. "Grandmaster"
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I use Grand Master or GM.  No one has ever objected when I addressed them as "GM".
"Grand Master" is on the certificates I have seen, but that is a small sample size and means little.

If an individual is touchy about the difference when addressing them as "Grand Master" vs "Grandmaster" then I would feel they are very full of themselves.
I always say a "master" is something your peers and seniors choose to recognize you as, not what you call yourself or expect others to call you.
That apples to "GM" also.  Rank, title, humility or ability do not necessarily all correlate.

For what it is worth, spell-check on this very forum objects to "Grandmaster".
Unless they are also a top Freemason or a world-class chess player, then they are a "Grand Master" to me.

Good luck with your training and welcome to the Ohana.
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Re: Disambiguation (throughout Kajukenbo): "Grand Master" Vs. "Grandmaster"
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No big deal in the spelling of Grand Master or Grandmaster.  I have two certificates with “Grandmaster” from Uncle Frank and GM Pagdilao.  Sijo's certificate has “Grand Master”.