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Remembering GM Richard Bustillo


Sigung Jeff Macalolooy:
GM Richard Bustillo, known as the Iron Dragon of Jeet Kune Do, had his roots in Hawaii first training in Judo, Boxing, and Kajukenbo.  He was an original student of Bruce Lee and spent his life traveling the world to spread the teachings of his IMB Academy (International Martial Arts and Boxing).

This is the highlight portion of the DVD we made of his seminar in 2011.  We will eventually release the entire DVD on our YouTube channel.

RIP Richard Bustillo

Enjoy the video of a legend in the martial arts:

Dave Jones:
Wow. Thanks Brother Jeff.  I had not heard.

I had the honor to train with him years ago.

He actually pulled me out of a seminar to uke for him when he was teaching a little Machado Jiu-Jitsu in the 90's because I knew the positions.

Hey brother, what a great video.  I regret I never had the chance to meet Sifu Richard and what a blessing for you and yours to have had him.  He said some really great things about you and your school which I echo for sure.  You and your Ohana are amazing and look forward to the next time to come visit.  Also had a tear in my eye seeing Sifu Nico.

Great share and thank you!



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