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kajukenbo in the olymics


Rick Kingi:
  February 10,2018 there will be a meeting conducted by Bruno Rebello from Portugal in Fresno CA at Bells American Karate 3622 W Whaw Ave Fresno,califorina 93711 at 5 pm, the purpose is to try to get Kenpo-Kempo-Kajukenbo-WHKD martials arts in to the US Olympics, its where we will find out information to get involed and hope for the youth of Kajukenbo, so please come out and here what he has to say.

GM Rick Kingi

GM J. Willis:
I will be there ????

grand master hemenes:
Special invitation to all Grandmasters and Black Belt in Martial Arts.
We're having a Grand Masters Meeting. First meeting in the United States of America for Olympic Dreams. It is very important, All Black Belts don't miss this meeting.
This special Meeting hosted by GM Greg Lagera and GM Anthony Hemenes.
This Special meeting is designed with Positive Ohana throughout the World.
And bringing all Martial Artists together under one Umbrella.
Please share for other martial artists who might be interested in the future Olympics.
please give me a call for info. gm hemenes 530600-3736

and dont miss fred bells karate tournament on the 10th there will be a special recognition at half time and grand masters seminars by top grand call fred bell at 559 276-8873   

Dave Jones:
It is likely that BJJ will be in the Olympics long before Kajukenbo, especially since BJJ is basically the national sport of the UAE.

The UAE is hosting the Special Olympics in 2019 and are bidding to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
The UAE has a lot more money and influence than all kajukenbo+kenpo people put together, world-wide.

Don't forget, the main reason "karate" will be in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics *as an exhibition sport* is because Japan is the host country.
Japan is eating most of the cost of hosting "karate", they defined the rules and also determined what "karate" was eligible to participate.

Kajukenbo is my life, but the truth is that even with the the extended family it is still too small to get much recognition.
We've demonstrated that in the last 70 years or so:  People still ask something like "Kaju- what?" when we say the name, right?

Most people -who do not know the difference between shotokan and taekwondo- do not care about "kenpo" or "kajukenbo".
If they don't care about it then they they are probably not going to bother watching it.  That means lost revenue for the IOC and the host country.
It is all "karate" or even "tai kwon doe" to most people, so it is an uphill battle from the start.
What differentiates kajukenbo from "karate" or "tai kwon doe"?  Why should people watch it?

Judo which is much more well known and also an official Olympic sport, frequently airs in terrible time-slots in much of the States partly because overall interest is low.
How many of you took the time to watch *any* of the Judo matches in the last Olympics even while knowing DZR is one of the core styles in kajukenbo?

Money is the key.  Money is the primary driver of the IOC.
I'm not trying to be negative, just realistic.
Whatever you plan to do, you will likely need fundraisers at least 2 or 3 times a year.

The other thing you need to do is take steps to get kajukenbo recognized by the USA and/or Hawaii as some sort of national treasure or or official style.
Then there might be impetus to get it showcased.   Does the State of Hawaii even officially recognize kajukenbo in some way?
Recognizing the founders does not count.
The alternative is to increase our membership by at least 10 or 20 times world-wide and hope for the best.

Get some money in the coffers and get our name out there and then you might have a chance of getting it in the Olympics - eventually.
It will take years of work, buckets of money and thousands of man-hours to make this a reality.

grand master hemenes:
i think we need 1 million people (kajukenbo) i think !


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