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Kajukenbo in Kuwait
« on: April 09, 2018, 10:09:08 AM »
I am posting this for GM Al Dacascos:

 Since this was on social media (Facebook) I will respond to it as such.

I recall what Sijo A.D. Emperado had said many times when you question him about ranking and grandmastership. Actural training time became the focus issue not only in years in Kajukenbo but in good standing and adhering to the moral and ethical codes of the Kajukenbo Rules and Regulations.  40 years of minimum training time to qualify as a candidate for grandmastership and recommendations from your peers. Personally train a student from White to Black belt and not parasite of other instructors work. Must have Black Belts that have other black belts under them. This was documented during the 1980s after the KSDI, KAA and  IKA was around. These organizations had no need for titles such as grandmastership before 1980?s. It became evident during the mid-1980s that Kajukenbo had grown so much and ranking was going rampage. This gave way to 6, 7 to 8, and then 9?, From Sifu?s, to Si-Gungs, to Professors, to Masters, and then to Grandmaster, and finally within these last decade, to Senior grandmaster and beyond.  So how then, did Nataniel Ortega qualify to be a ninth degree grandmaster? This has been the question and on the minds of more than a dozen grandmasters and I suppose scores of black belts as well. I am who I am so why are individuals coming to ask me? Am I supposed to know the answers? At age 38 in 2012, Natanial Oetega?s issue came up at a tournament in Portugal. Why did its come up? Because now the integrity and value of the meaning of grandmaster in Kajukenbo was in jeopardy. It started to become a joke within the Martial Arts community that if you wanted to get promoted fast especially to Grandmastership in Kajukenbo, all you needed to do was go to a seminar that one of those dubious Grandmasters was conducting. Probably pay a fee or a favor and that?s it. Diploma signed by other Black Belts who had no idea what they were signing. I've seen this happen too many times. When instructors reluctantly put their signature on it because they don't want to get on the wrong side of that Grandmaster. When Sijo Emperado passed away in April of 2009, a power struggle among Kajukenbo heads declaring themselves the right to self promote or to promote others. Sad as it is, one person is notorious and comes to mind on everyone's tongue is no secret.  Amongst the Kajukenboist, they all joke about it and all under the breath of many of Black Belts that ranking now has a cash value. I personally don't think that putting a cash value on ranking in Kajukenbo was ever a part of the Founders portfolio. As long as I have been around, Kajukenbo has never had a Black Belt under the age of 18 years old.  But I guess we live in a fast pace society and maybe there are instructors that will do this, breaking protocol and doing it for ?like family?.

Issues that I have are questions like, why would Natanial Ortega put on facebook March 23, 2018 that quote,??I am happy to talk to people that have been deceived and lied by other for years.? Who is he talking about? I know GM Bob Maschmier, GM Angel Garcia, Si-Gung Jos? and Luis Diaz, GM Janice Somera, GM Bob New, GM Alan New, GM Doug Jones and myself have been there in Kuwait before Ortega came there in March 2018. So does he consider us liars, deceivers and ?fake instructors? as was relayed to us from reliable sources in Kuwait City? When ever you point your finger, better make sure the other three fingers on your own hand is not pointing right back at you.  What exactly is Advance Kajukenbo? Isn?t Kajukenbo already an advance form of Martial arts with all the other sections and expression of martial arts in it?  What do you mean your Hawaiian Kajukenbo?  Are you Hawaiian?  Last I heard Natanial was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I am shock to heard such non-sense from a man who supposed to be the epitome of what a grand masters should be.  And why would anyone be scared or jealous of the Instructor of the Kajukenbo Street Warrior in Kuwait?  What people should do is do research and history on the Instructor and school you intend to join. Are you going to be led to jump off a cliff because I told you so?  No!,? you would want to know what? why? and so forth.  Really,? know the agenda and the truth about the schools you want to join and if it fits exactly what you want to achieve and the outcome.  See if that Instructor and school has integrity, respect and humbleness as part of their virtues.  You don?t talk down on other just to make yourself great. Action defines your character. You become who you are by your circle of influence. Birds of a feather, flock together. So to be God like, don?t talk about it, walk it. If I am wrong on any of these questions or the topics mentioned, than please humble me. No one is perfect and if Natanial Ortega is sincere in his apologies to any of us that may have been offended, I forgive and accept his apology. That said, Is Kajukenbo Unity in Kuwait Possible? Absolutely!!!

God Bless,
Sifual a.k.a. Abu-Marc
Sifu Jeffrey D. Cirillo,  7th Degree Black belt in Wun Hop Kuen Do under GM Al Dacascos and 3rd Degree in FaChuan (Blossom Fist) under Sifu Bill Owens with over 35 years experience in the martial arts.
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