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Looking for old, historic patches.


The kempo/Kenpo martial arts that directly or indirectly descend from William Chow have been at the center of my life for almost 20 years. I have heard all that time about these legendary martial artists who helped to create and define what we all study today. I have always desired to collect and frame a few of the school patches from these men, and especially after designing my own school patch for my students some time ago I am very interested in any informal anyone could provide on the meaning and symbolism incorporated into these designs. I have read a very detailed explanation of the modern Kajukenbo patch design, which was great information.
To me these patches are a piece of history and a small connection to these legends I never was fortunate enough to meet. I know no-one would part with these lightly and I expect the cost could be high but I'm hoping someone here can help me on this quest.
I am looking mostly for original patches from Chow / Chun, Kajukenbo self defense Institute, Nick Cerio Kenpo, and George Pesare Kaito Gakko but perhaps there are historic school patches I'm overlooking too?
I understand some times patches can by tied to rank and while I absolutely will not wear these patches or make any claim to rank besides what I have been certified by my instructor I do understand if I am simply not permitted to own some of these and I will respect that.

Thank you.

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