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Change in status (What is a moderator?)
« on: August 02, 2006, 08:45:36 PM »
I would like to point out that I have made a change to our moderator statuses and would like to explain the differences.

In the past we had 3 types of moderators:
  • Administrator - There's only 2 of those, me & Prof Bishop
  • Global Moderators - Moderators of 8th degree and above
  • Moderators - All the other dedicated board moderators, most are 5th degree and above

The difference between a Global Moderator and Moderator in terms of privileges was that a moderator was confined to managing the board to which he or she was assigned. If there was a problem on another board and a moderator did not manage that board, s/he could not do anything but report it to the administrators or another Global Moderator.

The Global Moderator on the other hand could moderate any post throughout the Cafe.

We had a problem. Most Global Moderators were not exactly the most computer savvy.  :-\ Oh well, We still love them all and they do try very, very hard.

So, I've come up with a solution to that. We have a new moderator status called "Senior Moderator". The Senior Moderators are all former Global Moderators, meaning they are 8th degree and above and still retain all rights and privileges they had as Global Moderators.

So what happens with the Global Moderators? Glad you asked. I have conferred upon several very faithful moderators who have been with us for some time and have been very diligent about managing their board and supporting the Cafe in general by keeping this a clean and safe environment for all the members. These moderators have been a moderator for at least 1 year and have over 400 posts. They maintain very high standards of support. Because of thier efforts and just because I need their support on an even wider scale, I have given them the position of Global Moderator.

So please do not confuse Global Moderator with highest rank any longer. That is reserved for our Senior Moderators.

These are your Senior Moderators:
  • GM Emil Bautista
  • GM Gary Forbach
  • GM Ted Sotelo
  • GM Al Dacascos
  • GM Phillip Gelinas
  • GM Rick Kingi
  • GM Greg Harper
  • GM Eugene SedeƱo
  • GM Mitch Powell
  • Professor John Bono
  • Prof. Jay Burkey
These are the new Global Moderators:
  • Sigung Al Saddler
  • Sigung Rob Paledeau
  • Sigung Mark Gerry
  • Sibak Brandi Ross

Please welcome our new Global Moderators.

Thank you.
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