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Back to Roots Seminar Big Island Hawaii
« on: August 18, 2018, 06:49:06 PM »
I would like to thank all that gave 110% at our Back to our Roots Seminar July 22-28 2018. Those present for this picture are some but not all of the daily Participants. The week started with a color belt promotion for Big Island that was for close to 70 students of TRK Big Island and 49 for Big Island CCDP. We Pretested 2 days, 7 for Brown Belt and 7 for Brown Sash. After the Pretest was complete We trained 4-6 hrs a day in multiple locations on the Island. We cover so much material in TRK and CCDP. We then ended with a Luau. I was so honored and humbled to Represent My Instructors Both Ahgung Tony Ramos and SGM Cacoy Canete. Seated from Left to right is Sifu Arnessa Iranon of Big Island, GM David Amiccuci California Headquarters and Sifu Jayson Jones  Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Washington, We are surrounded by our Tony Ramos Kajukenbo/CCDP Family.
Photo Credit Wesley Lo, Mahalo
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