Author Topic: Kajukenbo's Women Black Belts  (Read 81011 times)

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Re: Kajukenbo's Women Black Belts
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I missed the initial post about Donna Williams. It went in a few different directions. I remember Donna very well from my training days at KSDI Vallejo.  The fact that she grew up to be such a wonderful person and go on to earn her black belt doesn't surpirse me at all. She was always very focused on her training and greeted everyone with a great big smile. Congratulations on your success in and out of the school. 
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Re: Kajukenbo's Women Black Belts
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Congrats. Sorry I haven't written sooner, why didn't you or your dad call and let me know?  Tell your mom and dad hi for me and give me a call I lost the new number. Anyways congratulations and I'll see you guy's in July.

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Re: Kajukenbo's Women Black Belts
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