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Question for GM Dacascus
« on: January 26, 2004, 01:13:42 AM »
I just got done writing down #5 Tum Pai Form.  It took 3 pages BTW.  Untill I wrote it down I didn't realize how many different variations of the mantis there are.  You can strike from just about any angle with it and it works great for hooking and clearing.  There are strikes to the groin, the chin, the temple and the upper lip.  It is used to hook and clear the arms to open up for other strikes as well.  My question is:  Are the finger whip (to the upper lip) and the use of the back of the wrist with hand in a mantis position (the chin, temple and groin strikes) both considered mantis strikes?  And also what was the thinking behind developing this form?  I love the use of the mantis in this form and the way we are always moving our center line around the attacker.  

Thank you Sir in advance!

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