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martial art/self-defense discussion forum
« on: April 15, 2004, 03:24:43 PM »
 I would like to invite everyone to a slowly growing martial art/self-defense discussion forum. This forum is not like the typical discussion forums out there where the keyboard warrior types are calling each other out and also, I would like to express that the language is kept monitored so we can help educate children in martial arts as well as the adults. There are already a lot of different intelligent people from all around the world that are members discussing their views on various martial arts on the PSDTC forum. Go to to see what I mean and if you want to join up and discuss your martial art. Or if you know anyone who likes to discuss their style, tell them about this forum. Rank is not relevant to join the PSDTC forum, just something to discuss or ask about is what we are looking for!
    Right now I get well over 10,000 hits per week and I don't even advertise the forum. Though I plan on making it grow much bigger by summer. It would be a pleasure to hear what you have to say about it. You can talk about what makes your style click or ask if you want to know about another style. There is conversations of No Holds Barred fights, history, culture, women's rape prevention and even child abduction prevention. You can even talk about upcoming events and tell us what happened after the event. I think you will like what you see. I am hoping to make this home for intelligent martial artist from all over the world and so far so good!  I get nothing out of this for profit, I am just doing it to educate the public in all the areas of self defense that martial arts is for. Take care and feel free to contact me if you have problems logging on!
One more thing...I would especially like to see more women talking about Rape prevention and Child Abduction Prevention on this forum. I am sure everyone will agree that the public needs to be educated on these subjects and something simple like educating the public may open up some eyes to prevent one, two or more woman or children from becoming another statistic. Even one is good! The more we as professionals in the area of self defense speak out the better and we all should be doing something about it. I do many of these types of seminars and have been since 1988. And I do get good feedback from women, sometimes years later but nevertheless...if I can help to stop this from occuring to any degree, it is an accomplishment. Again thanx and see you on the forum!
Ron Kosakowski
Practical Self Defense Training Center
2148 South Main St.
Waterbury, CT 06706
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