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Re: Teaching Children - Your thoughts
« Reply #15 on: May 22, 2003, 11:18:08 AM »
Hello everyone -

I was talking to my sifu about this topic last night.  As he reitterated, Kajukenbo is such an inclusive system that parts of it can be taught to children, while other aspects are reserved for adults.  Kajukenbo, I believe, was developed to be capable at ANY range at ANY time for ANYONE - that includes children.  Some say that children should not use the destructive blows of Kajukenbo, but then again, adults should not always use destructive blows.  Each and every situation calls for something different.  Sometimes a basic lock, control maneuver is called for, whereas a very destructive technique may be needed for a different situation.

I think that children, with the way society is, NEED some sort of training and why shouldn't it be Kajukenbo?  Why send them to a Jujitsu school when we have Jujitsu right here in Ka JU kenbo?

Well, those are just some thoughts.

Trent Junker
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Re: Teaching Children - Your thoughts
« Reply #16 on: May 24, 2003, 09:13:57 AM »
I still stand by my post that sound techniques should not be 'detuned' when teaching children as long as the discipline of usage is taught along with it. Some good techniques, of course, have to be altered or modified but the sole reason should be due to the size and strength limitations of the child and not because it may be to dangerous to use. If confronted by some pervert, I would definitely want the child to use something dangerously effective, if possible. Outside of modifying due to physical limitations, the core of the system for children defending themselves, specifically against adults, is what I stated in my former post, 'Stun & Run', which is essentailly the same logic Sensei Evans stressed in his earlier post. You don't send a soldier into battle with 'rubber' bullets, no matter what age. Reality is just that-Reality! ;)  Respectfully, Shihan Joe
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Re: Teaching Children - Your thoughts
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I suppliment Kaju tech's with ones that I've created that deal specifically with adult attacks and dealing with other children who are bullying my students.  Teaching my kids how to defend themselves without causing real harm to the other child, but letting him or her know that they can defend themselves.  I then add in major doses of self-control talks, that there is a consequence and a benefit to all our actions.  Benefit is your safety from someone trying to harm you, your ability to defend yourself and get to safety and consequences if you use it in excess or without reason.

If some pervert grabs one of my students, I want them to be able to fight back effectively and get to safety.  One thing I hammer home is to think targets and how to get to them so it becomes automatic.  Believe me, they have no problem kicking my shins, I now wear soccer shin guards under my sparring gear for self-preservation.  If you've been kicked in the shin, you know it's effective as well quick releases from various grabs.  

I also do a lot of grappling and will add more with the kids.  They absolutely love grappling, girls included and Mom and Dad like knowing their little girl has a chance if some kid sits on her on the ground.

The other thing I drive home is not to stop until they are done, even if it's the wrong move.  We just did a demo at our county fair and there were mistakes on the techniques, the crowd never knew because the kids kept kicking or striking until he or she was done.  If they stop when attacked by an adult that's just bad news.

So, I feel Kaju can be taught to children within limits. We as instructors have a huge responsibility to teach it right so they don't use it wrongly.

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